Huw Jones – Business and Operations Director

Huw Jones – Business and Operations Director

Huw graduated from the University of Surrey in 1999 with an upper second degree in Business Studies.

Huw’s position in Star Legal is as Business  and Operations Director and his role will focus on the growth and operations of the firm with particular emphasis on assisting with the integration and management of new members.

He brings with him a wealth of experience in a number of businesses with a particular emphasis in recent years in the IT and software industries; including 3 years at the IT networking division of Morse Computing and more recently, following a move back to living in his homeland in Wales, Huw worked for Peapod Legal Office Limited for 7 years as the Regional Director for Wales and the West Country.  In this role, as well as gaining a good working knowledge of Peapod’s client management system, Huw gained a good insight into the legal services sector.

Huw is a keen rugby fan and played himself for many years, including for London Welsh RFC. Huw also enjoys fieldsports.

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