Family Services

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody and Access
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements and Disputes
  • Inheritance Act Family Provision Claims
  • Property and Financial Matters
  • Applications to remove children out of the jurisdiction

When you divorce or separate, you remain parents.  It is important that you do everything possible to make a positive difference for your children and help them to adjust to their new family life.  At Star Legal our Lawyers are experienced in  dealing with a wide range of issues relating to children in a child focussed, discreet and sensitive manner.

Due to the emotional issues, it is sometimes difficult for parents  to discuss arrangements for their children directly.  In light of this, mediation agencies can be useful to assist parents in overcoming their own issues and focus upon reaching an agreement about their children. It is only when negotiations between parents are unsuccessful that the Court will become involved.

Family – Divorce/Relationship Breakdown

Our team specialises in guiding you through the legal issues of the relationship breakdown and will consider the long term implications for you, at all times providing you with support and guidance at what is an extremely emotional period of your life. You can then decide whether to proceed to Court or negotiate a Separation Agreement with your partner to protect your financial rights and arrangements for your children. At Star Legal we can advise you of the legal process involved (such as the grounds for divorce) and draft all the necessary documents.