Star legal settlement agreement services

Star Legal Settlement Agreements is a specialist service offering you advice and guidance on your Settlement Agreement (formerly known as Compromise Agreements).  If you have been given a Settlement Agreement by your employer or it has been suggested you might leave your employment on this basis you have come to the right place for advice.

We are the experts.  Settlement Agreements have been around since 1993 and we have been advising on them, drafting them and negotiating them from 1993 until now.

A Settlement Agreement is simply a way for the employer to pay some money to an employee when he/she leaves employment while ensuring that no claim can be brought by the employee in a Court or Employment Tribunal. They have proved very useful tool for Employers and often benefit both parties.

We act for employees all over the country. If you want to come and see us for a face to face meeting then that’s fine. We will be glad to see you. If you don’t just give us a call and we will deal with the situation remotely

Why do you need us?

Quite simply the Agreement is not valid unless we advise you about it and certify that we have given the advice and you were happy to sign. What you are doing is signing away your right to bring a claim against your employer in return for some money. The law only allows this to happen if you have received expert advice.  Your Employer will therefore require you to obtain independent legal advice before they make the payment to you.

What do you need to do?

Ring us to arrange your free initial consultation. Call Vaughan Fullagar in our Swindon office on 01793 777007, email

Email us or bring into us

  • The draft Settlement  Agreement
  • Your contract of employment or offer letter
  • Any documents, letters emails etc which give the reasons or background to the reasons why you have been dismissed and been given a draft Agreement
  • A recent pay slip
  • Proof of identity such as passport or drivers licence*
  • Proof of address such as utility bill, credit card or bank statement (must be less than 3 months old)*

* if we do not meet you in person we require you to have the above identification documents certified as true copies of the originals before sending these to us.

If you send us originals we will take copies of the relevant pages and return the originals to you.

What we do?

We will check through the documents which usually takes less than a day. We will then call you or meet with you to provide the advice required by the Agreement.

We will tell you if the amount on offer is sufficient taking into account the way you have been dismissed, the reasons for it and your individual situation. If it is not enough we will negotiate a higher amount on your behalf.

We will advise you about the clauses in the Agreement, explain what they mean and negotiate any changes on your behalf.

What you have to pay

In the vast majority of cases absolutely nothing because the employer pays the legal fees for the advice. Occasionally the amount they offer is sometimes not enough when you want to ask for more money. We always ask for increased legal fees in these cases and usually get them. On the occasions we don’t we are usually able to negotiate a higher settlement which more than covers any increased cost.