Protecting your Business - Post termination employee restrictions

We regularly provide advice to clients on how to protect what is very often a business’s most valuable assets: its clients, customers, key staff, confidential information and intellectual property.

The most important starting point is your contracts. They have to be up to date and enforceable. We can review your existing contracts and advise you whether or not any existing restrictive covenants are likely to be enforceable.

We can provide you with effective contractual documentation to prevent your employees from soliciting or dealing with your clients, misusing your confidential information, ‘poaching’ your skilled employees and, in certain situations, preventing them from competing with you.

If an employee does leave and is preparing to compete, diverting business or misusing confidential information you will need to act promptly.  We will work with you providing a swift and effective response and, if necessary, instigating court proceedings to prevent damage being caused to your business.

If you have a restrictive covenant issue call Vaughan Fullagar in our Swindon office on 01793 777007, email or Julie Davies in our Clifton office on 0117 905 9262, email