Costs and fees

Sometimes legal fees can be expensive and it is sensible to acknowledge this. Like all lawyers we provide a bespoke service dealing with a one off situation which requires the input of a highly qualified and experienced professional.

However we try to limit fees wherever possible and ensure that you do not incur fees about which you have no knowledge or have not previously authorised.

If you need general advice on an issue we offer a free first consultation, usually on the telephone. If any further advice is required we will try to agree a fixed fee with you. Sometimes it is impossible to say how much advice will be required perhaps because there is an employer and we cannot always predict how they will react. Sometimes we cannot say how many questions you will have, some people require a limited amount of guidance some require a lot. Generally most employment situation can be dealt with swiftly and do not require more than a few hundred pounds in fees before they reach a conclusion.

If we get involved in negotiations with employers we always ask for them to pay our fees or make a substantial contribution, we commonly get it.

If we have to commence Employment Tribunal proceedings you may have legal expenses insurance usually through a house and contents policy, occasionally through a motor insurance policy. If so they will cover the costs provided you can always demonstrate that a claim is cost effective and has reasonable prospects of success.

We will always look at doing claims on a “no win – no fee” basis or on a conditional fee basis but in practice because of the nature of employment laws claims and the limited awards it is rarely commercially viable.

We can also break down cases into particular stages and quote you a fixed fee for completing that stage which allows you to budget and spread the cost.

There is no legal aid available for Tribunals and, in general, no awards of costs so funding a claim is a very important issue which needs to be discussed before proceedings are issued.

If we have to charge on an hourly rate this varies between £150 and £200 plus VAT which you will find is below market rate for the experience and quality of our employment lawyers and the large commercial firms with whom we compete.

If you need to talk to us about the cost of dealing with an employment issue just call Vaughan Fullagar in our Swindon office on 01793 777007, email