Representation in Court

Representation in Court

Police Station

If you are suspected of, or charged with an offence at a police station we can provide legal advice and assistance from our Duty Solicitor - Darren Burleigh. This service is provided free of charge if you do not have access to a solicitor of your own.

Magistrates Court

All criminal proceedings start at the Magistrates court. If you have a court summons in relation to an offence commited in England and Wales, we can provide legal advice and representation throughout the case. Upon instruction one of our defence lawyers can aid you in your case and can guide you through the court process. They will be able to brief you on the strength of the prosecutor's evidence and can advise how bes to enter your plea.

Crown Court

The most serious crimes will need to resolved before the Crown Court. One of our Solicitor Advocates can provide advice and representation in a large range of matters taking place at the Crown Courts, particularly in Bristol and the South West.

Court of Appeal

If you looking to appeal against a sentence, conviction or offence, one of our Solicitors can represent you.

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